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Invest a Goat Goat Crowdfarming Choose the best BreedFor Best Profits Manage YourGoat Farming
Invest a Goat Goat Crowdfarming
Own your Goat Livestock
with Less hassle to farm it yourself
Choose the best BreedFor Best Profits
Choose your best Breed
in relation to your desired Final Product
Manage YourGoat Farming
Find the Right Plots & Farmers
To help grow your Goat Investments

Invest a Goat

Farm your Goats from anywhere

Invest-a-goat is a platform that allows you to own goats as an Investment and we handle Breeding, Livestock reselling or Goat Product creation for profits on your behalf. This makes it easier for you to own your own Goats in herds without the hassle of doing all the work yourself. Our platform manages farmers who are experts in Goat Breeding, Farming and Goat Product production, which allows you to have faster and quicker returns. Invest-a-goat enables any lover of Goat livestock, that doesn’t have the time or resources to own their own Goat farming project in a secure farming area. Our Goats production is Market standard and suitable to meet Commercial demand as well as creating products fitting retail selling.

We ensure you get the Best Goat Investment options

Invest-a-goat helps administer all your goat farming procedures from Investments to production.

What We Offer

Invest-a-goat assists in connecting you to the right resources to start your goat farming Experience with less hassle.

Goats for Sale

We assist our Investors purchasing healthy Goats in Bulk for Farming.


We connect Investors who want to own goats with established farmers.

Farming Land

We have access to Farms that are ready for Goat farming Projects.

Goat Farming management

We connect Investors with Farmers and potential projects

Product Production

We create Product Brands that are ready for the Retail Market.

Marketing & Sales

We assist our investors find Markets to sell to for Profits.